My name is Renato Francia and I've been a professional software developer since 2012. From simple site setup in Drupal to building web applications from scratch using the MEAN stack, I'm used to work in high-paced enviroments and love every moment of it! As a tech enthusiast I always aim to improve myself which has allowed me to provide my clients with the following.



  1. Step 1. Planning & Strategy

    My aim is to always learn about my clients business. Find what are their current pain points and setup the requirements for the project

  2. Step 2. Implementation & Prototype

    I work with prototype development approach using a Agile methodology. Once the prototype has been approved by the clients, then I start the development from the Back-End to Front-End.

  3. Step 3. Deployment & Testing

    Once the app is running, I'll deploy it into Heroku/AWS with its respective databases secured. Furthermore, Unit testing will be provided to provide a high quality of code.